Client Testimonials


"I first became involved with PICT in September last year 2022.  I have had depression for over thirty years and have tried various therapies to try and resolve my issues.  I knew they stemmed from my childhood much of which I had blocked out and whenever I did try to re-visit issues, I became overwhelmingly emotional and couldn’t face it.  I then became so desperate that I knew if I didn’t get help, I would end things as I was feeling suicidal.  I chose Lesley after looking through lots of qualified counsellors and reading their biographies and what they offered.  

PICT is probably one of the strangest methods that I have encountered.  It enables you to re-visit difficult memories from a safe and protected distance with the guidance of Lesley.  She was brilliant because she explained everything and urged me to go with it even though I had doubts about it “working” for me.   I was able over time to explore why I had all these mistaken beliefs, leading me to feel unloved, anxious, low self-esteem and confidence, unable to cope, not good enough and the need to please everyone.    Gradually I began to feel better about myself and as the sessions progressed began to feel happy, in control and able to step into my resourceful self.  The process is difficult and at times emotional but the more you work at the process the more “tools” you acquire.  Lesley also provides written information within the sessions to work on and explore at home.  Then at the end you are given a Handbook covering all the techniques used, so that ongoing support is available to read.  I cannot recommend Lesley and PICT more highly. My therapy lasted approximately 6 months with some breaks for Christmas and holidays, but I am now the person that I was meant to be, and I love it!"  

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