Session Information

Therapy Duration

As PICT is a structured but flexible therapy, using visualisation techniques, session times differ from other more 'traditional' therapy models, which might offer 50 or 60 minute sessions. In order to do the work necessary, sessions are a minimum of 1 &1/2 hours or 2 hours. 

Sessions are typically attended on a weekly basis. PICT is not a long-term therapy, however due to the individual nature of therapy, a specific number of sessions isn't provided. However, a minimum of 6 months is likely. 


Session Fees

1 &1/2 hours= £105

2 hours= £140


Session Location and Availability

Face-to-face sessions are offered at my office base in Consett, County Durham, UK-Currently Tuesday and Friday mornings and afternoon

Zoom online therapy sessions are also available-Currently Thursday afternoon and evening


Waiting List

Following an initial telephone consultation and assessment, there may be an option to be added to the waiting list for PICT should no suitable therapy slots be available.


Cancellation Policy

Obviously, things happen from time to time where a session might be difficult to attend, or need cancelling. wherever possible I'd ask that you let me know as soon as you can should you need to cancel. If possible I might be able to offer an alternative time for the session, although I can't guarantee this.

Sessions cancelled with 48hrs notice will not be charged, sessions cancelled after this will be charged 50% of the fee, and sessions cancelled with less than 24hrs notice will incur the full fee.